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Whether booked together or seperately they make an impressive presence.
Quality styling gives her a unique appeal.
Over 70 years old,
pretty, spacious
and totally unique.
Prestige & Quality with ‘Royal’ overtone make
her impressive




A 1934 Humber Snipe 80.

Fitted with a 3.5 litre side valve engine, the gearbox is four speed and unlike other cars of her era, has synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and top gears. She also has a freewheel which means that clutchless gear changes can be achieved whilst in motion. She has had over the last few years a complete ground-up, every last nut and bolt rebuild. This has been sympathetically done to retain some of the originality of the 1930's.

She is dark blue and black with dark blue interior leather with wood trim. Both front seats have fold down tables fitted in the back and legend has it that these cars were favourites for the war correspondents of the second world war when covering stories of bombings etc as they could place their typewriters on the tables to enable them to work whilst on the move.

Humbers were very high quality cars on a par with Daimler, Rolls Royce and favourite of dignitaries, MPs, Prime ministers, and Royalty (Edward VIII had one).
Again very spacious.

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